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I paint intuitively, mostly from inner feelings. I usually don't know what my work will look like when I start, as it will be a work in progress for a while. But it's a very satisfying feeling putting paint onto a surface, be it paper, canvas or any substrate. The lockdown brought on a life long love of painting, which I didn't even know I'm capable of. I had never painted before. I joined an online class Art of Flow Community a year and a half ago to learn to paint, with all the wonderful kindred spirits led by the most incredible teacher Gabbi Kitchener Lancaster. No judgement, paint what and how you feel. Hence the start of painting for myself intuitively. 
This piece of painting started when I had to declutter and pack to sell the family home. Anyone who has done this  exercise of downsizing, will empathise with the emotional journey. Almost like cutting off bits of oneself, the history and the physical and emotional things attached to it. I had a canvas lying around, which I started to put on paint to describe my feelings, as I started to declutter. An art therapy. Everyday I would journal my feelings, big or small, calm or turbulent, with paint. Nature features heavily in my life and grounds me, and now my painting. The leaves promises new growth and direction in my next chapter of life. But the end result happily shows some glimmers and sparks for a new chapter. Hence this piece is named A State of Flux.

A State of Flux - Donna Kuek

SKU: DonnaKuek2023
  • 93 x 62 cm
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