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I have a passion for mixed media and texture, combining acrylic paint with charcoal and pastel. Frequently I use a collage technique, amalgamating layers of paper with fabric to create a unique series of images on the canvas.
The works I produce often begin as realistic representations of scenes or images, thereafter undergoing a series of revisions, gradually coalescing into minimalistic shapes. This process yields depths of layered print and colour, supplying warmth and emotion.
Mark making is also an important aspect of my work. As the painting develops, the marks and lines come and go. They are woven in and out of the brush strokes developing and growing richness and depth.
The marks and lines find a path through my paintings. The viewer follows the path of the canvas, looking, seeking and exploring. The lines and marks, both solid and broken, help to guide directional vision allowing the viewer to see all sections of the painting, in other words, it gives you a pathway through my work. The layering of paint also adds to the pathway. My goal is to provide an interesting journey for the viewer, gradually revealing the final image.
Over the years I have completed many art workshops in multiple mediums. I regularly enter local art exhibitions and have had a few solo exhibitions at The Corner Gallery Stanmore, The Ewart Gallery Willoughby and Gallery 41 Woolloomooloo.
I have an art space at One+2 Artist Studios, Lilyfield where I go to create my works.

July Morning Over The Water - Marilyn Ross

SKU: MarilynRoss2023
  • 91 x 91 cm
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