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My body of work demonstrates a lovely memory of a family of cats who often visit my grandparents' house in Versailles, France. Since childhood, my family and I visited them during the Australian winter holidays, being summer in France and we sometimes got a visit from cats passing by. We enjoyed saying our hellos to them and bringing them food with warm pats. I remembered a memory about one rainy afternoon, I noticed a mother cat with her kittens in front of the door asking for shelter. My grandparents kindly let the small cat family gently in the house, we fed them and took care of them, they were an adorable family as I watched them wandering in the kitchen and sometimes come close to me to allow me to pat them. Later, I noticed the mother cat and one of her kitchens both sitting on the window seal watching the rain outside, probably waiting for the rain to stop so they could leave. I quietly took photos of them and as the days passed, the cats sometimes came to the house to be fed. I loved watching the kittens grow. I still have the photo of that day and then I decided to paint a portrait of it.
The soft texture of the trees and grass are painted with delicate brushstrokes with multi-green and yellow paints, the raindrops sitting and dripping on the window are in touches of white and dark green paint to resemble a real-life raindrop, the older cat was painted with thin brush strokes and the kitten with a few thick strokes. Lastly, the curtain has been painted faintly.

Looking through the Window - Mei Tribolet-Ho

SKU: MeiTribolet-Ho2023
  • 91 x 60.8 cm
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