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I have an artistic passion for organic form. Nature inspires me; she is alive and present everywhere in my native Brazil and especially here in my adopted home Australia. My artwork grows from this ubiquitous and primal context. The natural environment and its fragile beauty is my central motif.
My paintings, large oils on canvas, depict a lush, imagined vision of the natural world one where plants, water, flowers, seeds, all melt, mix, and fuse in delicate, dreamlike organic forms. Vivid color is used, not for its own sake, but rather to evoke the beautiful and harmonious interactions existing in nature. My earlier graphic works revealed a fascination with the weft and warp of both natural and man-made objects; abstracted webs of horizontal and vertical lines were prominent. In my paintings, however, the horizontal has disappeared and the vertical dominates, creating the feeling that lines and shapes are raining down or bubbling up to earth from some magical source.
My art reflects my keen interest in the environment and our relationship with it. Through my paintings I hope to spark a mutual connection with the viewer to our natural world, an awareness of nature's unique beauty and particularly of her vulnerability.

Love-in-a-Puff - Patricia Mado

SKU: PatriciaMado2023
  • 51 x 41 cm
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