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I am interested in exploring the line in painting between realism and abstraction, seeking an expression of the world that is dictated, not just by what's in front of me, but by an emotional or poetic expression of colour and brushwork at times unrelated to 'reality'.
My process adapts classical painting techniques to facilitate my interest in colour and abstraction. Beginning with a linear underpainting in ultramarine blue on a pink ground provides me with an initial framework which echoes the role of the tonal underpainting employed in the classical tradition but with an emphasis on colour and line rather than tone. The vibration between warm and cool in the underpainting and a strong linear design allow me to consider abstract compositional concepts early on which can then be built on in subsequent layers, sometimes showing through in the final painting and other times buried under the softness of subsequent layers of paint.

Red Sofa and Mirror - Sue Tesoriero

SKU: SueTesoriero2023
  • 52 x 63 cm
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