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I enjoy drawing a range of subjects using the simplicity of lead pencils and paper as tools. I have recently started making my own handmade paper and drawing in ink, allowing the rough texture of the paper to influence the line work.
I am interested in drawings of nature and highlighting the many and varied shapes and patterns that occur naturally around us.
I enjoy looking at the detail in objects. The sand weathered remains of a shell, a curled leaf from a eucalypt and the crest of a palm cockatoo all display great shape and detail.
Objects that are small, commonplace, seemingly insignificant and often overlooked can be surprisingly beautiful and inspiring images to draw.
Thinking on an image, and the detail in the image, can reveal a deeper truth of life.

Tawny Frogmouth 5 - Peter Tugwell

SKU: PeterTugwell2023
  • 85 x 60 cm
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