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Glebe Art Show

The 2023 Glebe Art Show is now over.  Thank you to all our artists and sponsors who joined us for opening night on Wednesday and the many hundreds of visitors and locals who visited the Show over the four days. 


The Glebe Art Show is a non-selective, non-acquisitive art show held annually since 1997, with prizes across several categories and all artwork offered for sale. The show aims to support and encourage both emerging and established artists currently living, working or studying within the City of Sydney and Inner West Council boundaries. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates on events.

Xavier Ghazi has won the People's Choice Prize $500 sponsored by the Glebe Family Medical Practice

2023 Catalog 

Access the online listing at



Anne Cape (painting) About || CV (PDF)

Robin Moon (photography) Website

2023 Exhibiting Artists

Alissa Cook, Angela Xu, Anita Shirley, Ann Lin, Anna Couani, Anna Letsios, Annabel Butler, Annette Hamilton, Aqua Robins, Aryan Sethi, Tim Disher , Barbara Aroney, Ben Blick-Hodge, Bernadette Smith, Bill Hawker, Brenda Livermore, Bridget Marie McPeake, Silda Trainor , Bronya Wilkins, Charlene Walker, Chris Gentle, Christina Macaulay, Christine Webb, Claudia Karskens, Darren Charlwood, Denise Lithgow, Dennis Woodham, Diann Payne, Dianne Liebson, Donna Kuek, Doodie Herman, Duan Ni, Eleanor Er, Elizabeth Austin, Ellis Cummins, Enni Milian Munoz, Eve Pitt, Fabio Borges, Fay Smith, Felicia Finlayson, Fiona Chaplin, Fleur Stevenson, Gavin Austin, Genesi Castro, Gina Grave, Glenn Harrison, Hayley Pigram, Heidi Jackson, Helen Nehill, Ian Chapman, Imogen Eve, Irena Dobrijevich, Jacqueline Molina, Jacqui McCarthy, Jacqui Tosi, James Smythe, Jane Bennett, Jane Stadermann, Janene Porter, Janet Cheetham, Janette Symonds, Janice Ralph, Janny Grant, Jasmine Mowbray, Jason Border, Jennie Hill, Jennifer Reid, Jerry Liew & Michelle Connolly, Jess Bracey, Joel Tarling, John Duthiel, Joyce Reed, Judy Li, Julie Chevalier, Julie Crompton, Julie Keech, Justine Wahlin, Kai May, Karim Konrad Ajang, Kate Lukovnikova, Kate Thompson, Kathie Mason, Kathy Smoker, Katrina Collins, Kaye Maresso, Kevin Winanggaay May, Kooi Ying Mah, Lathalia Song, Liana Zverina, Lionel King, Lorna Grear, Louise Beck, Lyn Milne, Lynne Sung, Margaret Keean, Margaret Anne Whitton, Margaret Donnelly, Margaret Hofman, Margaret Hudspeth, Marie Healy, Marie Wintrebert-Fouquet, Marilyn Ross, Marissa Zaknich, Mark Brabazon, Mark Elliot-Ranken, Mark Naismith-Beeley, Mary Regan, Mary Simmonds, Matilda Michell, Maureen Wyer, Maya de Veaux, Katrina Collins , Mei Tribolet-Ho, Michael Hogan, Mike Buick, Mike Wheatland, Mina Lee, Naomi Simson, Natasha Lee, Neil Mallard, Nicholas Watt, Nicola Jane Walker, Nicola Jones, Nikita Spires, Nioka Lowe-Brennan, Owen Ratner, Pamela Brañas, Pamela Horsnell, Paola Stecconi, Patricia Ballie, Patricia Mado, Patrick Blake, Paul Procee, Paul Rhodes, Peter A Porteous, Peter Griffen, Peter Ryan, Peter Scriven, Peter Stevenson, Peter Tugwell, Peter Whitehead, Prue Robson, Paola Stecconi , Ria Bing Han, Rita Horth, Rita Martin, Robert Enemark, Robert Luttrell, Ros Lajoie, Rosalind Flatman, Ross Skinner, Sally Mcinerney, Sharon Kitching, Sharon Pincus Jacobson, Silda Trainor, Sophia Sol, Sophie Hague, Sue MacLeod-Beere, Sue Tesoriero, Susan Cowley Carrasco, Margaret Donnelly, Susan Ingram, Ellis Cummins, Susie Stubbs, Tania Burkett, Theresa Baw, Theresa Fruth, Therese Lavender, Tim Disher, Timothy Williams, Nioka Lowe-Brennan , Tina Young, Tom Staudt, Toni McDowell, Tracy Tallentire, Vernon Nathan, Vicki Bosworth, Vicky Marquis, Wade Goring, Wanita Lowe, William Phillips, Xanthe Croot, Xavier Ghazi, Yong Kang Gao, Yvette Young.

Prize Winners

Open Art Prize $3,000 sponsored by Glebe Art Society  Mark Elliot-Rankin - Salt Country

EDGE Inner West Painting Prize $1500 sponsored by Inner West Council   Chris Gentle - Moonlit Bay

EDGE Inner West Works on Paper Prize $1500 sponsored by Inner West Council   Ross Skinner - Self Portrait

Young Artist Prize $1000 sponsored by Glebe Point Dental  Claudia Karskens - Glebe Point Rd
Photography Prize sponsored by Belle Property $500 and $500 credit at Glebe Picture Frames  Nicola Jane Walker - Going for Gold

The Character of Glebe Prize $500 sponsored by The Glebe Society  Julie Keech -The Three Bridges

People's Choice Prize $500 Xavier Ghazi - The Remembering, Truganini sponsored by the Glebe Family Medical Practice 
Work of Excellence Prize $500 in materials sponsored by Derivan Xavier Ghazi - The Remembering, Truganini                                         

Schools Encouragement Awards cash prizes up to $250 and a Book Voucher from Gleebooks sponsored by Kobi Shetty, Member for Balmain 

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