Date: SUNDAY 6 FEBRUARY 2022 Location: Glebe Foreshore
Time: Between 10:00am and 4:00pm

We invite local artists to come along and draw, paint or sketch for a couple of hours throughout the day.

This is the second year we have cancelled the Glebe Art Show due to concerns about the risks associated with COVID. As a committee we have been discussing how we support local artists and how the community is able to engage with artists when we cannot have our annual Show.

We have approval from the City of Sydney Council to have a Glebe Art Walk with artists working “en plein air” at each of four locations along the Glebe foreshore. Each location would be on the grass along the foreshore walk, and artists could set up from 10am until about 4pm. As artists you are welcome to spend as little or as much time as you like or have available on the day.

Locations along the Glebe Foreshore to register on the day:

  1. Old Glebe incinerator

  2. Bellevue Cottage (Eastern side)

  3. Under the fig trees at the end of Glebe Point Road

  4. Jubilee Park where the walking paths meet before the bridge over Johnston Creek


“Interested? Please contact us: or Peter Griffen, Glebe Art Show President on 0402116818


“Ts & Cs”

  • Please bring your own art equipment and materials. Although this will not be an opportunity to sell your works, it is entirely appropriate to direct interested bystanders to your website or to exchange a phone number.

  • A volunteer from the Glebe Art Show Committee would be at each location throughout the day to support you. This might be to look after your equipment while you duck off for a coffee etc.

  • We ask that you register at a location so that we know who has joined us. Although our focus is on local artists, Sydney artists generally are very welcome.

  • Many of our Committee members are artists or have had some involvement with the Arts so you will be in good hands.

  • The idea is that the general public particularly locals, who use this area would be interested to see the artists at work and, it would give us an opportunity to promote the 2022 Glebe Art Show which will be back at the Tramsheds in June 2022.