About the Glebe Art Society

Since 1997 the Glebe Art Show was held annually at Glebe Library and in the adjoining  building 'Benledi'. In 2018 the Glebe Art Show moved to the upstairs community space in the Tramsheds, Forest Lodge.

The Glebe Art Show is organised by the Glebe Art Society Inc., a non profit community association. A copy of the constitution can be downloaded here .

ABN: 77 907 765 227


The show is run by the Glebe Art Show Committee, a team of local community members aided by many local volunteers and supported by local businesses and by the City of Sydney. Current committee members are:

  • Peter Griffen (President/Coordinator)

  • Seraphina Martin (Deputy Coordinator)

  • Carol Yuen (Secretary)

  • Suzie Drinkwater (Treasurer)

  • Bronwen Bassett (Minutes)

  • Fiona Verge

  • Barry Canham

  • Wendy Robinson

  • Mary Regan

  • Maya de Veaux


Office bearers are elected annually at our AGM which is usually held in May.

Please contact us if you would like to be considered as a committee member.


Aims of the Glebe Art Society

  • To provide an annual art show for the enrichment and enjoyment of our artists and community.

  • To showcase the work of emerging and established artists living, working or studying in Glebe and neighbouring suburbs.

  • To encourage artists and the community to participate in the process of staging an exhibition.

Photograph by Laurence McManus

Peter Griffen was appointed Chairman of the Glebe Art Show to replace founding Co-ordinator, Robin Lawrence, who retired from the position in 2013 after 15 years. 

Peter was born in Adelaide and now works as a full time artist in Sydney. He first exhibited in 1972  and since then has had over 50 solo showings in Australia, five in London, four in Paris, two in St Tropez , one in Lyon  and one in New Zealand.


Peter lived and worked in Glebe for many years but now has a studio in Leichhardt.  We are very fortunate to have such a prominent artist leading our committee.

A brief history 


In 1993, there was strong community opposition to a NSW Government proposal to sell the site of the old Sydney Homeopathic Hospital—the original 1870s building ‘Benledi’, on Glebe Point Road—to the Department of Corrective Services for use as a women’s transitional detention centre.


At around the same time, Leichhardt Council (which at the time included Glebe) had closed the old Glebe Library on Bridge Road and was looking for a new site for the library.


In the face of community pressure, the NSW Government scrapped its proposal to sell Benledi to the Department of Corrective Services and agreed instead to sell it to Leichhardt Council for use as the new Glebe Library.


In 1994, Leichhardt Council set up a public fund to collect money for the purchase and development of Benledi as the new Glebe Library. Part of the community fundraising effort was a successful art show put together by local artists and held in St Johns Church Hall in April 1994.


In 1996 the new Glebe Library building and the renovation of Benledi were complete. A small show of paintings decorated the walls of Benledi as part of the grand opening celebrations.


The Glebe Chamber of Commerce, which had been instrumental in the campaign to repurpose the Benledi site as a library, then approached the organisers of the initial fundraising art show, local artists James Barker and Robin Lawrence, with the idea of holding an annual art show.


Thanks to the Chamber and to a supportive Leichhardt Council, the first Glebe Art Show was held in July 1997 at Glebe Library and in the adjoining Benledi building. The show continued to be held at the Library for 20 years. In 2003, a change in boundaries saw Sydney City Council take over the administration of Glebe from Leichhardt Council.


Sydney City Council has continued to support the Glebe Art Show. In 2018 the show moved to exciting new premises in the upstairs community space at the Tramsheds