Michael Perrin

Digital Giclee print on Paper, 100x70cm, $600

A Shared Moment in Time

Sally Tomkins

Oil on Canvas, 92x76cm, $2050


Angela Iliadis

Mixed Media on Canvas, 46x91cm, $600

Arlington Plein Air

Roger Berry

Oil on Canvas, 51.5x42cm, $300

Basket Wall Art

Nicole Robins

Mixed Media on Natural fibres, 70x45cm, $320

Big Rock Berridale

Peter Ryan

Photograph on Board, 60x90cm, $500


Catherine Zimdahl

Oil on Linen, 75x67cm, $1300

A Bit of This and A Bit of That

Kim Isgro-Attwood

Acrylic on Canvas, 76x76cm, $800

Across Bridge Road

Jennifer Reid

Acrylic on Canvas, 46x46cm, $470

Ag treabhadh na dtonn (Sailing the Waves)

Laura Hennessy

Acrylic on Linen, 50x50cm, $400

Australian Magpie on Floral ground

Marie Healy

Acrylic on Board, 31.5x31.5cm, $330


Vicky Marquis

Acrylic on Canvas Paper, 58x73cm, $400

Birds of a Feather

George Tsoutas

Photograph on Paper, 33x33cm, $350

Blue Moon Indigo - in the Pink Diptich

Chris Hutch

Textile on Cotton fabric, 25x25cm, $260

A Moment to Revive

Felicia Finlayson

Mixed Media on Canvas, 80x99cm, $950


Elaine Goodridge

Acrylic on Board, 28x35.5cm, $250

Arctic Dreaming

Mark Anderson

Mixed Media on Paper, 35x34cm, $550

Badde Manors in the morning

Mark Brabazon

Photograph on Paper on Gataboard, 65x91cm, $650

Between the dark and the shadows

Gede Austana

Acrylic on Canvas, 61x91cm, $2200

Black-backed Magpie 14

Peter Tugwell

Ink on Hand made paper, 44x35cm, $695