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Whether ocean, stream, river or rain. Water never lies stagnant it moves at uncontrollable paces and nothing can stop it. This artwork is about the two aboriginal healers I met, six months apart but who both had a clear message 'Let go of your past, become like water'. They could see my every trauma which was confronting but this message sat with me until I had a change in mindset, from zeroing in on who I have lost, to focusing on who and what I have in my life right now. Death is not easy and grieving takes a long time but getting this message about water made me think of my Dhunghutti ancestor whose life was saved because she knew how to breathe underwater using a reed. She escaped the police and their hunting dogs by swimming to a nearby island using nothing but the knowledge that was passed down to her when she was just seven years old. I draw strength from her story and from the Dunghutti women in my family who have kept her resilience alive and who also move like water.

Aunty said by like Water

SKU: NiokaLowe-Brennan2023
  • Nioka Lowe-Brennan
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