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Objects float freely in my paintings, sometimes the shapes within are bound together by line. These may be strong, soft, thick or thin lines which add a playful connection to the mix of colour and shapes.
There are gradual shifts and breakthroughs of layered colour and with this relationship of colours and play of shapes, elements of imagination appear. I like to create a mood or feeling in my paintings that develops as the painting takes shape.
Each composition takes time to mature, it is a gradual process which involves constant changes in my thoughts towards my painting. It is a journey filled with a pendulum of emotions - excitement, frustration, joy and despair. In the end all these feelings combine to become perfectly balanced. These emotions are part of the elements that allow my paintings to communicate with the viewer.

Behind The Mist - Marilyn Ross

SKU: MarilynRoss1
  • 91x 91
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