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My work is a non-violent reaction to our unsustainable world. Confronted by a culture of consumption and accumulation, I reach for the rough beauty of discarded objects abandoned to an unknown fate. I search for an alchemy through which a mass of layered posters on a wall ends up being part of something as different as a painting. I like to play with colors and textures deteriorated by time. Once the geometry is composed, I let myself be carried away, almost unconsciously, by the images that I see emerging between the fragments of paper. I work with chaos to achieve a balance that reflects our essence sans makeup, with a tinge of humor lying behind emerging characters. The smile is, for me, an engine for change or, at least, a healthier way to face the unchangeable. Although most of my works were created in this multicultural city full of nature that is Sydney, they reflect many ghosts from my past in Spain.

Down Out - Eva Millares

SKU: EvaMillares1
  • 96 x 66
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