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My practice is concerned with nostalgia and our connection to objects passed down or collected over time, objects that offer a glimpse of a previous life. 
I'm interested in portraying these everyday treasures in a contemporary context. This is expressed through composition, via placement and cropping, sometimes creating uncomfortable spaces. Also by pairing contemporary textiles as backgrounds, combining the vintage objects in a modern scenario.
The medium I’m working in is oil on board. I’ve been enjoying the unexpected effects of this medium, embracing drips and textures as they spontaneously arise. 
Inspired by the works of Monet, Bonnard, Vuillard and Matisse, I have been exploring clean, bold colour palettes and expressive line work. 
My aim is to produce works of unapologetic charm to celebrate these beautiful old dames and evoke memories of times past.

Jane - Sue Tesoriero

SKU: SueTesoriero1
  • 63 x 63
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