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My body of work is inspired by Henri Matisse’s La Dance 1909. The artworks were a study of creating realistic characters, of flesh and blood along with organic life into handcraft objects and items. Seeing in Matisse’s La Dance are 5 young girls dancing painted in primary colours, on one canvas I painted 5 toys that contain special memories from my maternal grandparents. The other canvas has 5 sculptures in clay that look like Matisse’s five girls.


All toys and sculptures are dancing and both backgrounds are played out with beach towels, the blue towel is the sky, and the green towel is the grass as they both shows the delicate multi-colours of balance and harmony for the toys and sculptures. The sculptures were a copy style of Matisse’s dancing characters. The toys are to visit each other from their different homelands, as they present their clothes, fur, and feathers, and they dance together singing the songs in their language. The artworks depicts a child’s imagination.

La Danse des Sculptures et des Jouets (The Dance of Sculptures and Toys)

SKU: MeiTribolet-Ho1
  • 51H x121W
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