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As a contemporary visual artist, the foundation of my practice is based on the spontaneity of abstract expressionism. It enables  me to express and translate a non-tangible experience into a visual form enabling viewers into my visual world. 
My natural environment, music, and experiences inspire my work, and my paintings are created with acrylic paints and palette knives. I use the fast-paced technique of using a palette knife to create textural qualities, and expressive gestures, and enhance light and movement. 
I also experiment with drawings, mixed media, lithographs, video and installation to complement my painting technique. The execution of my craftsmanship and aesthetics is paramount to my artistic growth & development. 
My mixed media and photo collage pieces represent elements of construction, deconstruction and repetition to create harmoniously balanced images.

Nimbus - Jacqueline Molina

SKU: JacquelineMolina2023
  • 46 x 66 cm
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