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My highly textural, slightly abstract, mixed media works on wood, focus on nature – flora and fauna – and their respective complexities while existing in our human dominated world.  What lies beneath is at play in these paintings.  Upon closer look, they reveal a kaleidoscope of colour and hidden meanings, seeking to inspire the viewer’s curiosity. The cockatoos screech their arrival every morning and evening.  At our garden, they find great pickings:  limes, Seville oranges and, the doomed passion fruit.  Nothing deters these invaders.  No Stopping, No Standing, No Parking is ignored.  Nets are merely temporary obstacles.  Perhaps they’re letting us know that we are the invaders. This painting hints of our attempts to keep the fruit to ourselves.  The signs, the wire.  Look closely and you’ll see a poem, inviting the cockatoos in. Watercolour and acrylic paint, along with acrylic mediums are used to create texture. Pen and ink finishes the fine details of the blossoms.

Passion Fruit - Liana Zverina

SKU: LianaZverina1
  • 50 x 50
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