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My photo displays the contrast between the bare rocky penguin nesting area and the snowy mountain in the background. The Penguin viewing the Mountain could be pondering on the missing snow and ice. 
A few years ago I was lucky enough to secure a cabin last minute on a cruise to Antarctica. Our visit was during the penguin breeding season. We were privileged to see many Gentoo, some Adelie and a few Chinstrap Penguins. Unlike the Adelie and Chinstrap, the Gentoo population is doing well because they have switched from eating krill to fish.
The warming of the Antarctic Peninsula is causing changes to the physical and living environment of Antarctica. The distribution of penguin colonies has changed as the sea ice conditions alter. Melting of perennial snow and ice covers has resulted in increased colonisation by plants.

Penguin Ponder - Antartic Peninsula - Nicole Dixon

  • 41 x 61
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