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The Petrichor series is an exploration of signal and noise. In an experimental and iterative process, these works are produced by capturing the play of light on agitated water. For each work two pure signals - laser light and square-wave audio pulses - are broken down by optics and moving water. Different patterns emerge as I build, alter and tune elements of the whole image generating apparatus.
Over the years I've observed certain groupings of patterns emerging from this process. The core works are digital composites of at least several dozen images that enforce a new concentric order suggested, but not entirely found, in the constituent images. For the Variations I look for patterns within individual frames, sometimes combining several selections to emphasise that pattern. Overall the works are created to reflect elements that sit either side of the boundary between noise and order.
In the final stage of the process for these works, each image is converted to a text file of movement and power commands that another (much more powerful!) laser etches into black anodised aluminium plates. The constantly shifting reflections in the exposed aluminium etching brings back a sense of the way light plays over water.

Petrichor Variation 6 - Ben Blick-Hodge

SKU: BenBlick-Hodge2023
  • 62 x 62 cm
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