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Anita Shirley is a Uruguayan artist, based in Sydney-Australia.
Anita studied overseas and in Australia visual arts as well as french tapestry, ceramic,and street theater.
Her painting is abstract expressionist, her composition of vivid colours spontaneous shapes, lines and shadows arise as the work progresses.
Her compositions are emotional, spiritual and subconscious.
Anita's practice revolves around the serendipitous nature of her work, in which 'Imaginary cities' full of mysteries, passages, tunnels, seas and people appear naturally as she paints. Her work invites contemplation, in which the compositions become clearer on closer inspection.
Anita was the Creative Director of the Newtown Hub Gallery, has worked in various administrative and tutors roles and has a longstanding connection with Addi Road. and multicultural organizations.
Instagram: anitashirleyart
Hut 41 B at 142 Addison Road Community Organization.

Spring Winds - Anita Shirley

SKU: AnitaShirley2023
  • 45 x 62 cm
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