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I want to give a visual expression of my subconscious and reflect my deepest anxiety and desires about the future in this painting. Instead of directly depicting this feeling, I chose to be nostalgic about childhood and metaphorically to depict this feeling. The painting was greatly influenced by Debussy's children's corner. The third movement: serenade for the doll which used the Chinese pentatonic scale inspired me in the choice of objects. The visual material I used in this painting came from representative toys across different generations in China such as the tangram box in the middle, the Tin frog on the left, the large hoop on the left corner and the transparent marble on the right, which created the nostalgic and muted feeling that every adult couldn't go back to their childhood.

The Children's Corner - Shirley Huang

SKU: ShirleyHuang1
  • 45 x 60
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