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Like a lot of people, during Covid I spent a lot of time walking around my neighbourhood. It made me happy to see the flowers growing in the different gardens and connecting to the outside rhythms of Nature to escape the Lockdown Blues.
I started picking flowers from my garden and taking them to my studio to paint as a way to concentrate on something beautiful and cheerful besides the daily news stories.
I set this these flowers and teapot in a corner that happened to have my clock and a flyer from the Streeton exhibition behind it. I liked the way the clock brought in the reality of how time felt so slowed down in Lockdown, and the painting of Coogee beach, a place outside my 5km zone, referenced our restricted movements and the hope of Nature.

Time for Camellias, Tea and Streeton - Pina Bartolo

SKU: PinaBartolo1
  • 650x495
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