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Yots is an abstract painting inspired by vessels racing on the choppy waters of Sydney Harbour. Usually a harbour of tranquil waters, sudden wind changes can see the tide turn in a split second.
The combination of vibrant blue waters and the reds and yellows of the sails brings a sense of energy, springing the canvas into life. My style reveals a uniqueness in the use of acrylics, mixed media and collage to create works that carry strength, heart, richness and texture. I love to bring the natural elegance of nature into my my work with the use of vibrant colour, layers and layers of paint and introduce textural elements such as gauze and metals to add an extra dimension. I build the painting until it begs not to be tampered with anymore.

Yots - Janette Symonds

SKU: JanetteSymonds1
  • 72 x 92
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