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One's identity is shaped by the seas and oceans
traversed in a lifetime, and all the fruits enjoyed
in between. Ancestral roots naturally form the
foundations of this identity.
"Thames flows, Punjab glows" is a self-portrait depicting my proudly
donning traditional Punjabi attire. Though born in
England and raised in Australia, my Indian
heritage perpetually enlightens my soul, like a
candle whose flame gently quivers with each
waft of air. Not even death can extinguish this
everlasting flame of a young, blossoming man.
Each meticulous brushstroke of this painting was
highly critical in bringing forth resemblance to my
very essence and glowing countenance. 
The heartbeats of cultural pride are palpable.

Thames flows, Punjab glows - Aryan Sethi

SKU: AryanSethi2023
  • 91.4 x 61 cm
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