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Drawing is my constant starting point and remains at the core of my practice. I begin with mark making to record a moment and to capture my presence in a particular place and time, by observing and responding to the spaces, lines, and shapes around me.   
These studies are then used to create stencils, which are composed and layered with paint and aerosols.  The initial drawn image becomes inserted amidst the materiality of other mediums.  The value of the process is visible, but the essence of the place or person still lingers, informed by the immediacy of the drawn marks and foundations. 
This portrait of Amanda Penrose-Hart was from the last night of my stay in Sofala, sitting around her dining table with my art girl-gang, as we all ate, drank, and shared stories. Rather than focus on the specifics and physical likeness I have committed to capturing the relationship and the spirit of that memorable moment in time.

The Last Night - Fleur Stevenson

SKU: FleurStevenson1
  • 63 x 53
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